Madurai Self Driving Cars

Having your friends and family coming over for a long weekend? Bored of driving your own vehicle and wanting to try your hands on a different car? Used to owning your own car but somehow stranded without one? Peak hour rush in all modes of public transport horrifying you? Or just afraid of running the risk of being fleeced by local autowallahs and taxiwallahs in a new town? Whatever your reason may be, Madurai Self Driving Cars is your default choice to address all these reasons.

You can get your choice of self-drive car hand delivered at your doorstep, your office or at your airport’s arrival terminal with our home and airport delivery options.

Our features:

  •  Rent a Self-Drive Car by the Hour, Day, Week or Month
  •  Newest Fleet of Cars across Categories
  •  No Hidden Charges
  •  Lowest Fares Guaranteed
  •  All Inclusive Fares - No additional cost for Insurance